Las October 2022, EBERS CTO Víctor Alastrué attended to the VII INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON DCD DONORS which took place la La Coruña (Spain), where the ARK kidney perfusion system was shown and live kidney and liver normothermic perfusions were carried out.

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EIC Industry Day with Fresenius Kabi and Medtronic

EBERS was represented by its CEO, Pedro Moreo, in the Industry Day organized by the European Innovation Council (EIC) in collaboration with Fresenius Kabi and Medtronic. The meeting gathered more than 20 innovative European companies, which had the opportunity to present their technology and interact with representatives of the two multinationals. The event took place in November 2022 in Fresenius headquarters located in Bad Homburg, Germany.

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Training and demonstration session in Hospital Clínic in Barcelona

Hospital Clínic in Barcelona is one of the participants of our upcoming clinical study on kidney normothermic perfusion. Members of the technical of team of EBERS traveled to Barcelona to train the new users of the device, which included nephrologists, urologists and several other members of the Transplant Coordination Unit of the hospital. The interest of Hospital Clínic in the ARK normothermic perfusion system of EBERS goes beyond the clinical study, as several of their research projects will also benefit from normothermic perfusion.

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“Cutting-edge Regenerative Medicine” symposium

EBERS’ CEO, Pedro Moreo, participated in the symposium on “Cutting-edge Regenerative Medicine” organized by Clínica Universidad de Navarra and CIMA research institute. He gave his view on the current situation of organ transplantation and presented the latest results obtained in the NORMOPERF (normoperf.eu) project financed by the European Commission.



Presentation of results at the Spanish Society for Transplantation meeting (SET 2021)

EBERS’ research collaborator, Dr. Álex Gutiérrez, presented the last results obtained with the ARK normothermic perfusion system for ex vivo kidney preservation at the annual meeting of the Spanish Society for Transplantation (SET 2021). The scientific meeting was expected to take place in Málaga, Spain on February 12 – 14, but due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic it was celebrated virtually. Dr. Gutiérrez gave an oral presentation titled “Ex vivo normothermic perfusion reduces cold ischemic damage and delayed graft function in an experimental model of renal transplantation”, where he discussed the benefits obtained in post-transplant renal function derived from the use of EBERS’ ARK KIDNEY device during the preservation of the graft.