NormoPerf technology has been presented in the 2018 TERMIS World Congress

The World Congress of the TERMIS society has taken place in Kyoto, Japan on September 4-7. EBERS has participated as exhibitor in the commercial exhibition of the conference and has successfully introduced its new NORMOPERF technology to renowned researchers and clinical doctors in the transplantation and tissue engineering field. Furthermore, Dr. Pedro Moreo, CEO of EBERS, has held meeting with several local companies with the goal of exploring further commercial agreements in the Japanese market.

EBERS booth at TERMIS 2018 meeting

Organ preservation technology from EBERS is introduced to Chinese KOLs

The CTO from EBERS, Dr. Víctor Alastrué, has been introducing the new organ preservation technology of the company in the Chinese market in collaboration with EBERS' exclusive distributor in China, Cy-Tech. In his recent trip to China, Dr. Alastrué has given training seminars to Cy-Tech technical staff and has introduced the technology to several KOLs in the field of solid organ transplantation in China. Dr. Tan and Dr. Huo from the General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command (link) will test NormoPerf technology in their own facilities.


Dr. Huo and Dr. Tan check the NormPerf perfusion device.
Dr. Huo and Dr. Tan check the NormoPerf perfusion device.